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   Mechanical design, manufacturing and discipline of automation are very important in the national economy, play a supporting role in other technical fields and have become the foundation of all sectors of the national economy. The development of the machinery industry will also encourage the development of technology and other industries. Various types of automatic mechanical equipment have greatly increased labor productivity and reduced labor intensity of workers. The successful development of a variety of large-scale complete devices has made it possible to build a variety of major projects, the precision of mechanical equipment has driven the microelectronics industry and the computer industry. Achieving highly integrated integrated circuitry and doubling memory capacity, the development and production of space and various weapons and equipment, the development of science and technology and education must depend on advances in mechanical design and manufacturing technology.
      experienced 22 years of development. The company has 16 national patents, of which 6 are invention patents; it was awarded "Henan High Technology Company", "Henan Province Science and Technology Company" and "Henan Province Technology". Innovative Baiyou Enterprise ", its products were awarded" Henan Province High Technology Products ". It belongs to Kaifeng City" Company Respect and Maintenance Promise "and" Patent Engineering Demonstration Company ". Through ISO9001 international quality management system certification, company chairman Zhang Shiling is vice president Henan International Chamber of Commerce.


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