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Corn syrup manufacturing process

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All kinds of starch sugar will be got by corn starch hydrolysis with acid or enzyme. The liquid products are maltose, glucose syrup, fructose syrup etc.
They are mainly used as a sweetener in food industry. Corn glucose syrup and maltose can produce sorbitol and maltitol after hydrogenation, which are used in the food and toothpaste to prevent dental caries. In addition, the polyols can lead corn sugar products into petroleum field. The corn syrup manufacturing is a good business, as a professional corn syrup production equipment supplier, we will introduce the corn syrup manufacturing process for you.
Most method for corn syrup manufacturing process is separating corn starch from corn first, then converting corn starch into corn glucose syrup. But our new technology of corn glucose manufacturing plant can produce the corn glucose from corn directly , do not need processing corn starch from corn first .
Today, we mainly introduce the corn syrup manufacturing process:
Traditional technology of corn syrup manufacturing process is that use corn to make starch firstly, and then use starch to convert the corn syrup.While our technology of corn syrup manufacturing process is the new one.
(1) Mill corn into flour, during this step, You can collect the corn germ, bran as byproducts in corn syrup manufacturing process.
(2) Corn flour milk adjustment: The DS value of the starch that came from starch plant is adjusted to 28-32% and control a proper value of PH and temperature. Or adding a certain amount of water to achieve the above conditions then go to the next section.
(3) Liquefaction: Corn flour milk is sent to buffer tank then liquefied by jet cooker with the aid of enzyme.
(4) Saccharification: The liquefied material keeps reaction for a certain time under the action of enzyme in corn syrup manufacturing process. The required DE value of the glucose will be produced. Then the material is sent to the enzyme killer to kill the enzyme.
(5) Filtration and decolorization: Glucose gets through the filter to remove protein and other impurities, then at the appropriate temperature passes by active carbon to decoloring, finally send to filters to remove activated carbon and send to the next section.
(6) Purification part in corn syrup manufacturing process: Use the ion exchange column for glucose syrup purification to process the syrup can be eaten by prople.
(7) Evaporation: The glucose is totally cleaned through safety filter machine then sent to evaporator for concentrating to reach the required DS as final product.
For corn syrup manufacturing process, our company can supply the glucose syrup manufacturing equipment with output capacity from 5ton glucose syrup per day to 100 ton glucose syrup per day. Compare the traditional technology, our new technology of corn syrup manufacturing process have advantages as below:
1. Complete set corn flour processing machine cost is much lower than the complete set corn starch processing machine cost, save your investment for corn syrup manufacturing process.
2. Producing one ton glucose, our new technology can save much energy than the traditional method.
3. Our new technology corn syrup manufacturing process can produce glucose syrup from corn or rice/broken rice in same plant. The customer can use two kind material to produce the glucose syrup at different time according to the price of the raw material to make more profit.

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