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Machine processing starch technology for cassava starch production

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Machine processing starch technology for cassava starch production-
Cassava starch used in the papermaking industry
The process of cassava starch production line machines is the same as that of sweet potato starch machines. Cassava starch is widely used in fields such as papermaking, textiles, and food
What equipment is needed for processing cassava starch? The processing of cassava starch is divided into multiple stages, which require cleaning equipment, crushing equipment, filtering equipment, refining equipment
Dehydration and drying equipment, packaging machine, mainly including: dry screen, paddle cleaning machine, cutting machine, crusher, crusher, centrifugal screen, fine slag screen, cyclone, and vacuum
Air dehydrator, airflow dryer, packaging machine, etc.
Cleaning equipment: two-stage cleaning of cassava sweet potatoes using a dry sieve and pulp leaf cleaning machine, using dry cleaning, spraying, and soaking methods to remove sediment on the surface of cassava
Weeds, small stones, etc., make sure the cassava is thoroughly cleaned!
Crushing equipment: Multiple crushers are available, such as rotary knife crushers, hammer crushers, cutting machines, file mills, etc. Cassava starch processing production lines are generally
The cutting machine, rotary knife crusher, hammer crusher, and file mill are configured for use. The cutting machine is used to cut cassava into blocks, and the crusher is used to completely crush cassava into wood
Potato paste.
Separation equipment: This section is equipped with filtration equipment, centrifugal screen, and slag removal equipment, fine slag screen, which can separate cassava residue, fibers, impurities from cassava starch in cassava pulp,
Extract high-purity cassava starch!
Refining equipment: The cyclone largely determines the quality of cassava starch. The cyclone is used to purify and remove the filtered cassava starch
Extract higher purity and quality cassava starch from the cell fluid and protein in the plasma.
Dehydration and drying equipment: The separated cassava starch slurry needs to be dehydrated by a vacuum dewatering machine, and the cassava starch slurry is dehydrated by a vacuum dewatering machine to obtain 38% wet starch
The powder and wet starch are transported by a conveyor to an air flow dryer for use. The air flow dryer adopts the principle of negative pressure drying, allowing cassava starch to enter the hot air flow
When drying starch, the temperature when wet starch comes into contact with hot gas is 110 degrees Celsius, and then rapidly drops to over 50-60 degrees Celsius to prevent starch gelatinization.
Packaging: The dried cassava starch enters the packaging machine for packaging.

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