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The processing process of the sweet potato starch production line machine is the same as the mechani

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The processing process of the sweet potato starch production line machine is the same as the mechanical process of cassava starch
Previously, the processing of sweet potato starch was generally carried out using a sedimentation tank, which was suitable for production with small amounts of sweet potatoes and low requirements for starch purity. Now, large-scale industrial production of sweet potato starch uses the cyclone method for automatic sweet potato starch processing. The cyclone method for sweet potato starch processing is divided into: feeding and cleaning stage, crushing stage, separation stage, sand removal stage, purification and concentration stage, dehydration stage, and drying stage, There are 8 processing stages including packaging stage.
Fully automatic sweet potato starch processing process:
1. Cleaning: Put fresh sweet potatoes into the cleaning equipment and rinse with water to remove surface impurities and sediment.
2. Crushing: The cleaned sweet potatoes are sent to the crushing equipment and crushed into powder or pulp using a sweet potato crusher.
3. Slurry separation: The crushed sweet potato slurry is separated from the fiber and sweet potato starch slurry through a vertical centrifugal screen.
4. Desander: The sweet potato starch slurry is separated from the fine sand in the stem starch slurry through the desander, and the sweet potato starch slurry and fibers are separated.
5. Refining and concentration stage: The protein and fine fibers in the sweet potato starch slurry are separated by a cyclone to obtain pure sweet potato starch slurry.
6. Dehydrator: The sweet potato starch slurry is fed into a vacuum dewatering equipment, and the water is removed from the sweet potato starch through the negative vacuum principle to obtain wet sweet potato starch.
7. Drying: Put the dehydrated sweet potato starch into the drying equipment and remove residual water by hot air to obtain dry sweet potato starch.
8. Packaging: Automated packaging of sweet potato starch that meets the standards, packaged according to the set weight or capacity, and sealed.
This is just the basic process of a fully automatic sweet potato starch processing technology,
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