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What are the advantages of modern cassava starch processing machines

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What are the advantages of modern cassava starch processing machines
In recent years, technology has developed rapidly in various industries. Smart homes, autonomous cars, and serving robots in restaurants have made people's lives more modern, intelligent, and convenient. Similarly, the starch processing industry is constantly developing, with equipment becoming more automated and modern, and processing processes becoming more complete. Many starch processing factories are gradually replacing modern starch processing equipment to improve starch processing efficiency and quality. Modern starch processing equipment is gradually replacing traditional starch processing processes. Below, we will explore why modern processing equipment is gradually replacing traditional starch processing technology and understand the advantages of modern starch processing equipment.
Why is modern starch processing equipment gradually replacing traditional starch processing technology?
Taking cassava starch processing as an example, traditional cassava starch processing mostly involves a combination of manual and machine methods, including manual cleaning, machine crushing and filtration, sedimentation tank purification, and outdoor drying. The entire processing process requires a large amount of manpower, has a long processing cycle, low efficiency, and is easily affected by external environmental interference. At the same time, the quality of the processed starch cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of the produced starch is not good, Naturally, it cannot be sold at a good price. And modern starch processing equipment can fully meet the requirements of starch processing quality and efficiency for processing factories. Automated operations result in good starch products and high processing efficiency. Therefore, most starch processing factories are gradually replacing them with modern fully automatic cassava starch processing and production equipment.
Advantages of modern starch processing equipment:
1. High degree of automation
The modern and fully automatic cassava starch adopts a PLC control system, with excellent processing technology. From raw material cleaning, crushing, filtering, sand removal, purification, dehydration, drying to screening and packaging, the entire processing process only takes more than ten minutes, greatly shortening the processing cycle, reducing manpower investment, improving starch processing efficiency, energy-saving and water-saving, and increasing the revenue of the starch processing plant.
2. High starch extraction rate and quality
Modern starch processing equipment has a high extraction rate for starch processing, with 4-5 levels of filtration for sediment and potato residue, and 18 levels of recovery for refined starch, with an extraction rate of 94%. At the same time, the entire processing process adopts a fully enclosed method, without starch loss. The produced starch has excellent quality, high whiteness, low ash content, and meets the national edible grade standards. It can be packaged and sold.
Modern starch processing equipment has advantages such as high processing efficiency, good quality of starch products, time-saving and energy-saving. It is a trend in the development of the starch processing industry, and replacing traditional starch processing technology has become inevitable. If you want to improve the efficiency of starch processing and replace or upgrade starch processing equipment, we can provide you with professional advice and customize the equipment configuration plan for you. At the same time, our factory has a complete range of equipment models, and you are welcome to come and inspect at any time.

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