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Introduction to the separation process of cassava starch slurry and cassava residue

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Introduction to the separation process of cassava starch slurry and cassava residue
Cassava starch scraper centrifugal machine
The liquid-solid separation during the processing of cassava starch is not achieved through centrifuges or filter presses. Using a centrifuge and filter press to enter
Liquid solid separation is mainly applicable to the liquid-solid separation process of some other substances or processes.
For cassava starch processing, hydraulic separation or starch dehydration method is generally used for liquid-solid separation.
1. Hydraulic separation method: The cassava starch slurry is fed into the hydraulic separation equipment through a pipeline, and gravity and water flow are used to form two layers, with the upper layer being relatively clear
Starch slurry, the lower layer is a solid layer mixed with starch and impurities. By controlling the flow rate and tilt angle of water, the separation effect can be adjusted. Sediment after hydraulic separation
The powder needs to undergo subsequent dehydration and drying processes.
2. Starch dehydration method: The cassava starch slurry is preheated through a heat exchanger and then dehydrated through a dehydrator. The starch dewatering machine adopts drum dewatering, gravel dewatering, and compression
By squeezing and other methods, the moisture in the starch slurry is removed to obtain relatively dry cassava starch. After starch dehydration, cassava starch can generally enter the drying equipment directly
These two methods can be flexibly combined to achieve better liquid-solid separation and processing efficiency.

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