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What are the advantages of using a cyclone instead of a sedimentation tank to extract starch when pr

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What are the advantages of using a cyclone instead of a sedimentation tank to extract starch when processing cassava starch
In the processing of cassava starch, the starch slurry obtained by crushing and filtering cassava needs to be further extracted with higher purity starch, and the starch extraction process affects the quality of the starch product. The traditional method of extracting cassava starch is to use a sedimentation tank to separate impurities and extract high-purity starch. However, this extraction process is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the starch extraction method is gradually lagging behind. And the starch purification equipment cyclone can completely compensate for the disadvantages of traditional processing technology, such as fully automatic operation, high processing efficiency, high starch quality, and no external environmental interference!
Starch cyclone:
Cyclones are commonly used in starch processing production lines. When the starch slurry enters the cyclone, a strong three-dimensional elliptical strong rotational motion is generated. Due to the different gravity, centrifugal force, and centripetal force on starch particles, fibers, pectin, and other impurities, and the effect of centrifugal sedimentation, the starch and impurities are discharged from different pipelines, thus achieving the purpose of separation and classification.
Advantages of using a cyclone instead of a sedimentation tank to extract starch:
1. Automated operation without the need for human assistance
The cyclone adopts a fully automated PlC operating system in the cassava starch processing production line. The starch slurry flows into the cyclone through a pipeline for purification, while traditional sedimentation tanks require a large amount of manpower to remove the settled starch starch from the sedimentation tank, which is both cumbersome and increases manual investment.
2. Long processing time and high efficiency
In the purification process of cassava starch, a cyclone group consisting of 18 stages is generally used. The full cyclone process is used for starch slurry concentration, recovery, refining, washing, and protein separation, which can efficiently separate impurities such as yellow powder, oil powder, and pectin from the starch slurry, improving the whiteness and purity of the starch. The entire starch extraction process can be completed in just a few minutes. The sedimentation tank extracts starch by allowing it to settle for 24 to 48 hours to remove some impurities. The processing time is long, and the impurities are not completely removed. The produced starch has a high impurity content, is prone to yellowing, and the grade is not high.
3. Pipeline closed processing, not affected by external environment interference
The cyclone uses a full pipeline closure to extract starch, avoiding the situation where the cyclone is prone to weather and environmental influences when extracting starch. It only takes a few minutes to obtain 23 Baume degrees starch milk, which can be directly dehydrated and dried.
In the process of cassava starch processing, the cyclone purification process is mature, the processing efficiency is high, and the extracted starch quality is high. Replacing the traditional sedimentation tank to extract starch will become a trend. We have multiple models of hydrocyclones in our factory, which can be used for various raw materials. Welcome to consult us, and we will provide professional services to solve your problems and increase your starch processing income!

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