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Corn syrup production plant machine

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1. Corn starch mixing section
Corn starch is mixed with warm water. The PH value is adjusted to 5.0-6.0. Hold for 30-40 minutes to ensure adequate mixing.
2. Continuous spray liquefaction section of corn syrup production plant
Spray liquefaction: Heat all storage tanks with steam, then start the liquid ejector and pump. Continuously and evenly transport materials, and control the flow according to production capacity. Flash evaporation evaporates the material in the laminar flow tank and maintains the temperature. Observe the liquefaction effect. Then pass the material to the second liquid injector, and maintain the temperature.
3. Filter part
Use a filter press to remove some corn gluten.
4. Saccharified part
Cool the syrup with a heat exchanger, and then pump them to the saccharification tank of the syrup production plant (the saccharification tank is equipped with a mixer and coil), and then add glucoamylase.
5. Decolorized part:
Use a pump to feed the passing syrup into the decolorization tank (the mixer and coil are placed in the saccharification tank). Decolorization by activated carbon in corn syrup production plant.
6. Filter part:
(1). Filter protein and activated carbon through a plate and frame filter press.
(2). Protein transport through the bottom tank of the plate and frame filter press
(3). Unclean syrup is pumped to a large buffer tank.
(4). Fill the buffer tank with clean syrup.
There are several treatment sections in the filtration section of a corn syrup production plant.
7. Ion Exchange Department
(1). Load the syrup into the ion exchange column. The resin in the ion exchange column cleans the syrup. Then bring the clean syrup into the buffer tank.
(2). When the resin fails, stop feeding the syrup into the ion exchange column and replace it with another ion exchange column to work.
(3). Recycling resin: The resin is lined with hot water, and then the ion exchange column is lined with acid and lye until the resin works.
8. Evaporation process of corn syrup production plant
The syrup is evaporated through a triple concentrated syrup evaporator and a single concentrated evaporator. When the syrup concentration is normal, turn off the steam and stop the evaporation. And transport the syrup to the final product storage tank through Pumps.
9. Storage of final corn syrup:
It is generally recommended to use a plastic bucket to install the syrup and seal it.

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