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High fructose corn syrup production process pdf

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That's to say that sda Company has mastered the technology which can use the corn flour as material to produce high fructose corn syrup, not need to process corn into starch, can save a large percentage of investment for you. But actually if you want to get good quality and high purity high fructose corn syrup, suggest you still use starch as material for high fructose corn syrup production process, don't have to be corn starch, other types starch also suitable, such as cassava starch, potato starch, sweet potato starch or others.
High fructose corn syrup, also named HFCS for short, it is obtained by the isomerization of glucose isomerase by enzymatic saccharification starch, which is composed of glucose and fructose. High fructose corn syrup is a kind of product can replace sucrose, and can be widely used in food and beverage industry, especially in the beverage industry, high fructose corn syrup flavor and taste better than sucrose, production cost also lower than sucrose. Its more and more popular in food and beverage industry, high fructose corn syrup production process also with better ecnomic benefit.
 --Mixing step of high fructose corn syrup production process:
Simply to say that this is adopt the mixing tank to mixing the starch with water to get starch milk, in this condition, the starch will not be precipitated even not stirring the liquid, this phenomenon is called gelatinization. And the starch milk means a transparent and sticky liquid.
Because now the glucose inside have too much protein, so this deproteinization process is essential. Liquid dextrin which has been through high temperature injection shall move into filter press for mechanical extrusion. The deproteinization process will separate the protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. After that, the liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, the protein cake will be left for sale as a good animal feed.
After the biological response complete by mixing tank, use the pump to pumping the starch milk into liquefaction process, corn powder or rice power or starch at high temperature spray in regular time, the corn powder or rice powder or starch will transfer to glucose slurry. After process, adjusting the PH value to 4.4-4.5 for preparing saccharification.
This step in high fructose corn syrup production process is used to get colorless syrup. All the syrup pumping into the decoloration tanks, at uniform temperature put in the activated carbon mixing with the syrup, after decoloration process , the activated carbon mixed with syrup. Then the filter press will be used to separate the syrup with activated carbon, the cleaning syrup will flow into the slot, activated carbon will stay inside filter. Usually have to make twice to get pure syrup.
--Ion exchange:
After decolorization and decarburization process, the clean syrup pumping into the ion exchange column, inside the column resin will attract all the cation and anion and other small electron, then will get very pure glucose syrup for people eating. This step for high fructose corn syrup production process aims to remove the impurities and different ions to ensure the purity of syrup.
For high fructose corn syrup production process, this isomerism is essential used to transfer the glucose into fructose. The isomerase we are using is a kind of immobilized enzyme. Converted from soluble state into immobilized state, the stability of isomerism will be increased significantly and it can be ues repeatedly in the high fructose corn syrup manufacturing process. This immobilized enzyme used in food processing make food free of enzyme after production, so there is no need to adopt the way of heat treatment to make enzyme inactivated, which can help improving the quality of food as well as economic benefits.
Sent the fructose liquid to syrup evaporator for concentrating to reach the required DS as final syrup. sda Compnay offered evaporation process saving steam because of the high use ratio. Liquid syrup evaporating and concentrating in enclosed system, a clean high fructose corn syrup production process to guarantee the syrup products quality.

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