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Liquid syrup manufacturing process

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Liquid syrup manufacturing process
Compared with the glucose and maltose liquid syrup manufacturing process, the fructose process added a isomerism system for the glucose transfer to get fructose. Below is each section operation description:
1. Raw material preparation-all kinds of starch can be used for liquid syrup manufacturing process, also can use the rice powder and corn powder, Henan Doing has mastered the technology can using the rice /corn powder to produce syrup directly.
2. Starch milk mixing and adjustment: Mixing starch and certain water to get the certain density slurry, then adding certain enzyme, and maintaining a certain temperature for particular time to make sure the procedding of physical reaction between starch and enzyme. After this, it will become transparent and sticky liquid because of the interaction, although it stops stirring, the starch will not be precipitated. Its the first step for liquid syrup manufacturing process in fact.
3. Liquefaction: The liquefaction process is used to convert the starch into liquid dextrin. With the aid of amylase and steam, the starch will be converted into liquid dextrin quickly. Processed by the ejector and liquefaction tanks.
4. Deproteinization: The deproteinization process used to seperate the protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press, automatic mechanical extrusion to get clean liquid syrup.
5. Saccharification section: This process used different enzyme can make the syrup type different for liquid syrup manufacturing process, saccharification process is used to convert the liquid dextrin into required DE value syrup with the aid of gluco-amylase. This process is to get the crude and dark color liquid syrup.
6. Decolorization process: The decolorization process can remove the color of liquid syrup by activated carbon adsorption principle. 

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