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Starch syrup making machine

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Starch syrup making machine
Just you equipped with a complete set of starch syrup making machine, then you can start your starch syrup production factory, and our company starch syrup making machine can meet your industrial large capacity production requests
On the following is sida Company starch syrup making machine introduction:
1. At mixing process put water, corn/break rice powder/starch into the mixing tank, mixing uniformity then put in α-starch enzyme constant on particular standard temperature, waiting for the raw material with enzyme biological response. This is the firstly used starch syrup making machine.
2. After the biological reaction, use the pump to pumping the liquid into liquefaction process, corn powder or rice power or starch at high temperature spray in regular time, then will transfer to glucose slurry by this starch syrup making machine.
3. Because of glucose inside have too much protein, so the glucose slurry need pumping into the press filter, the plate and frame filter press machine is most suitable, after press the glucose slurry will flow into the slot, the protein will stay inside the filter machine, we can get a protein cake in this section, an add-value in the starch syrup making plant.
4. After the press filter non protein glucose pumping into saccharifying tank, maintain at specific temperature, then put in glucoamylase, after a couple of hours glucose enzyme will transfer syrup to glucose syrup. In this section, you need to know the glucose and maltose production used enzyme is different, but the demand starch syrup making machine is same.
5. After LAB testing, all the glucose syrup pumping into the decoloration tanks, at uniform temperature put in the activated carbon mixing with the syrup, usually have to make twice to get high purity glucose syrup.
6. After decoloration process, the activated carbon mixed with glucose syrup. The filter press will be used to separate the glucose syrup with waste activated carbon. Then the cleaning glucose will flow into the slot, activated carbon will stay inside filter, so you can know the plate frame filter press machine is one of most widely used starch syrup making machine.
7. Ion Exchange system introduction: The clean glucose syrup pumping into the ion exchange column, inside the column resin will attract all the cation and anion and other small electron, then will get very pure glucose syrup for people eating.
8. The pure glucose syrup have very low density, the triple effect evaporator can evaporate the starch syrup inside water to outside increase density, at very short time.  
9. Final syrup storage tank: Only one function used to maintain the glucose syrup purity,easy to produce and transportation.

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