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How is corn syrup extracted

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Corn can extract glucose syrup, maltose syrup, high fruit glucose syrup. Corn contains starch, which is the raw material of invert syrup. Today we explain how to extract corn syrup?
First: Corn starch extraction:
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Generally speaking, corn kernels are first immersed in sulfurous acid, then crushed, sieved, separated and washed, dehydrated and dried to obtain dry corn starch. The moisture content of corn kernels is 12-16%, starch 70%-72%, protein 8%-11%, fat 4%-6%, ash content 1.2%-1.6% and fiber 5%-7%. There are many ways to prepare starch from corn.
The basic corn starch extraction process is as follows: corn-washing-soaking-coarse crushing-embryo separation-grinding-separating fiber-separating protein-washing-centrifuging-drying-corn starch.
Corn starch is mainly used in medicine, food, chemical, textile and other industries. It can produce sucrose, high maltose syrup, glucose, modified starch, soluble starch, cyclodextrin, acid starch, oxidized starch and high fructose syrup. The raw materials are used to produce enzyme preparations, monosodium glutamate, amino acids and antibiotics for fermentation. In recent years, with the development of production in all walks of life, corn starch has been favored by the market for its wide range of uses, excellent performance and moderate price. At the same time, corn starch is also the most widely used raw material
Used in starch syrup.
Second: the production of corn starch syrup:
Currently, the most popular process for producing starch syrup is the dual enzymatic method. The process of enzyme liquefaction and enzyme saccharification is called dual enzymatic method. The dual enzymatic method for producing syrup is a special purpose enzyme preparation as a catalyst, the reaction conditions are mild and the compound decomposition reaction is small. Therefore, corn syrup can be produced by the dual-enzyme method. It is the most ideal sugar making method to improve the conversion rate and sugar concentration, and improve the quality of sugar liquid.
First, adjust the starch; adjust the pH to 6.0 soda powder, then add the high-temperature-resistant α-amylase and stir evenly. The starch slurry has been adjusted and gelatinized, the purpose of which is to break the crystal structure of starch molecules and initially aggregate proteins. After the liquefaction is uniform, it is qualified to obtain a liquefied liquid, that is, a reasonable DE value, the appearance is transparent, the white precipitate is not formed, the viscosity is low, the protein flocculates well, and the liquefaction is completed. The pH of the feed was then adjusted to 4.5 with acid, and human glucoamylase was added with it. After a certain saccharification cycle, the feed liquid reaches the expected DE value. At this time, the liquid can be decolorized and purified by ion exchange. Pure corn syrup is concentrated by evaporation into three effects
The evaporator reaches the required concentration.
 Now we have developed a new technology, direct corn flour dry method to make syrup, without corn being processed into starch, directly using corn flour to make syrup, welcome to consult.

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