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liquid glucose manufacturing process plant

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1. Mixing and liquefying process: mixing the corn flour / starch with water, adjust the PH value to 5.0-6.0, suitable for following starch hydrolysis, after mixing add liquifying enzyme, use ejector to complete the liquefaction process. Then we can get a suitable liquid can be prepared for saccharification.
2. Saccharify: this is the second process which requests enzymes add, use saccharifying enzymes, adjust the corn starch liquid temperature to 58-60 degree, after it reach the request DE value can put into next process. Saccharify process performance decided the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing effect and products quality. This is an important and basic step of liquid glucose manufacturing process. After this process, we can get glucose liquid.
3. Liquid glucose decolorizing: uses second time decolorizing process to get bright syrup. This production process generally complete by plate and frame filter press. The plate and frame filter press equipped with special filter cloth, good performance and high speed for syrup decoloring, a refining process in the liquid glucose manufacturing process.
4. Filtration: this process adopt drum filter to remove soluble protein, decrease the protein content in glucose liquid of liquid glucose manufacturing process.
5. Ion exchange system: adjust the temperature and PH value, remove irons, salt and ash, according to the ion exchange column, we can get pure liquid glucose. About liquid glucose manufacturing process, this ion exchange system is an essential step. And the ion exchange resin can be regeneration by simple way.
6. Liquid glucose evaporation: under vacuum condation to make heating and evaporation, make the syrup concentration meet the standards, after the temperature reduce, can pump into the storage tank.
To sum up, among is our liquid glucose manufacturing process introduction. If you plan to start a business of liquid glucose production, sda Company can manufacturer and shippments the all equipments for you, and the main machine used for liquid glucose manufacturing process include: Mixing tank, Liquefaction tank & ejector, Plate frame filter press machine, Saccharification tank, Ion exchange column, Syrup evaporator, Storage tank.

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