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Transformation of cassava starch processing production line

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As we all know, cassava starch is the main component of cassava. Mature and good-quality tubers can achieve about 25% starch. About 60% of starch can be obtained from dried cassava chips, and about 10% of dried pulp can be obtained per 100 kg of cassava root.
The following is the process introduction of cassava starch production line.
1 Wash the fresh cassava roots to remove foreign matter, and then peel them mechanically.
2 They are then fed into the gauze together with water for pulping, and then filtered to separate the starch released during the pulping process. The residue is finely ground in a plate mill to release residual starch from the pulp. 3 It is then filtered in a multi-stage fiber washing system to recover starch from the pulp.
4 Pass the starch-containing stream through a centrifugal separator or a watchmaking system to remove fine fibers from the starch.
5 Filtrate / centrifuge the starch, and finally dry the starch cake in a quick dryer.
6 The pulp is dewatered in a wire mesh press, dried in a quick dryer, and sold as animal feed.

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