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How to dry cassava starch? Flash dryer for starch drying

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How to dry tapioca starch? Starch dryer_video
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For starch or flour processing, drying is an important step, because it can reduce the moisture in the wet starch, thereby extending the storage time of the produced starch. So how to dry tapioca starch? The starch in the cassava starch factory is dried by a rapid dryer.
In the manufacturing process of tapioca starch, drying is an important and necessary step. Through drying, wet starch with a moisture content of 38%-40% will be reduced to dry tapioca starch with a moisture content of 14%. The produced tapioca starch can be stored for a longer time after drying. But how does tapioca starch dry?
In cassava starch processing plants, rapid dryers are commonly used machines for starch drying. The air enters the flash dryer from the filter, where it becomes clean and then heated. Then, the hot clean air is mixed with the wet starch in the pulse tube, and the wet starch will be dried in a few seconds through heat exchange. After that, the air will be exhausted through the exhaust port. Dry starch enters the collection bucket.

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