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How much is a set of rice flour processing machine

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How much is a set of rice processing equipment? Where can I sell intelligent rice processing and production line equipment?
The price of rice processing equipment depends on the scale of the production line and the quality of the equipment. Generally speaking, the price of a small rice processing equipment ranges from 10000 to 50000 yuan, the price of a medium-sized rice processing equipment ranges from 100000 to 300000 yuan, and the price of a large rice processing equipment is above 300000 yuan. The following are some common rice processing production line equipment:
Rice cleaning equipment: used for cleaning rice, including vibrating screens, magnetic separators, stone separators, dust collectors, and other equipment.
Rice processing equipment: mainly including rice milling machines, hulling machines, brown rice sieves, rice milling machines, etc.
Rice screening equipment: mainly including cyclone screen, vibrating screen, etc., used for screening rice.
Rice grinding equipment: It is used to grind Rice noodles, mainly including rice grinder, particle mill, ultra-fine powder mill and other equipment.
Refined rice equipment: Re grinding the rice to remove film, germ, and small debris from the rice
Packaging equipment: Packaging refined rice for storage and sales
The equipment for the rice processing production line can be selected based on the size of the production scale. Generally speaking, small rice processing plants can choose simpler equipment, while large rice processing plants require more efficient and intelligent equipment.
Where can I sell intelligent rice processing and production line equipment? To achieve an intelligent rice factory, the following work needs to be carried out:
Design and Planning: A comprehensive evaluation of the design and planning of the rice factory is required. Evaluation includes developing a production flowchart, assessing the degree of automation, identifying bottlenecks, and so on. The factors to consider in this step include the layout of the factory building, equipment selection, power and equipment distribution, data management system, and so on.
Installation and integration of automation equipment: For each production process, automated equipment is required to achieve it. For example, for the process of cleaning rice, automated cleaning equipment can be used, and for the process of crushing and separating rice grains, automated separation equipment can be used. In the process of equipment selection and installation, it is necessary to consider factors such as automation level, synergy between devices, data collection and analysis.
Data collection and analysis: It is necessary to collect and analyze data generated in the production process. For example, sensors and cameras can be used to monitor device operation, RFID technology can be used to track the position of rice grains, and barcode scanning technology can be used to track the position of packaging. These data can help managers understand the production situation and make decisions, such as optimizing production processes based on production data.
Intelligent management system: It is necessary to use an intelligent management system to control the entire production process. Intelligent management systems can help managers monitor equipment conditions, collect and analyze data, and adjust production processes to improve production efficiency and quality. Intelligent management systems can automatically adjust equipment, automate production processes, control inventory and production plans, etc.

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