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Stone flour mill: a perfect combination of tradition and modernity

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Stone flour mill: a perfect combination of tradition and modernity
With the increasing emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and ancient culture, stone flour mills have re entered people's vision. This stone grinding technology, originating from ancient times, has become a modern food processing equipment after hundreds of years of development. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the types, working principles, and applications of stone flour mills to help readers better understand this field.
1、 Types of stone flour mills
The stone flour mill is mainly divided into the following types:
Stone mill whole wheat flour machine: used to grind whole wheat grains into whole wheat flour, retaining the bran and germ in the wheat grains, with high nutritional value.
Stone milling flour machine: used to grind wheat grains into fine flour, with a delicate taste, and is the main raw material for making various pasta.
Stone mill miscellaneous grain flour machine: used to grind miscellaneous grains (such as beans, corn, etc.) into flour, suitable for vegetarians and health seekers.
2、 The working principle of a stone flour mill
The stone flour mill uses traditional stone milling technology to place wheat or miscellaneous grains into the stone mill, which is driven to rotate by human or mechanical force, causing the wheat or miscellaneous grains to be rubbed and squeezed on the grinding plate, gradually decomposing into fine powder. The working principle of a stone flour mill can be summarized as the following steps:
Initial grinding: Put wheat or miscellaneous grains into a stone mill and grind them into coarse grains.
Re grinding: Coarse particles are gradually turned into fine powder after re grinding.
Sieving: By separating fine powder from impurities such as bran through a sieve, pure flour is obtained.
3、 The Application of Stone Mill Flour Machine
Stone flour mills are widely used in fields such as food processing, health products, and feed:
Food processing: Various types of flour produced by stone milling machines can be used to produce various types of pasta, such as whole wheat bread, refined noodles, and miscellaneous grain biscuits.
Health products: Whole wheat flour produced by stone milling machines is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which help improve immunity and prevent diseases.
Feed: The coarse grain flour produced by the stone mill can be used as feed raw material to improve the nutritional level of livestock and poultry.
In short, as a combination of traditional and modern food processing equipment, the stone flour mill not only retains the characteristics of traditional craftsmanship, but also meets the needs of modern production. With the increasing emphasis on health and nutrition, the application of stone flour mills will become increasingly widespread, providing people with more healthy and delicious food.

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