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What is the process of making starch by cassava starch processing machine

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What is the process of making starch by cassava starch processing machine?
cassava potato starch production plant europe
What is the process of making starch by cassava starch processing machine-cassava potato starch production plant europe
The processing of cassava starch has high requirements on its technology, so the cassava starch processing machine is more suitable for processing it. This process of making starch by machine only takes a short time to provide high-quality starch. It usually takes about 15 minutes. Are you interested in the process of machine-made starch? continue reading.
The process of machine-made starch can be divided into the following main steps:
1. Feed fresh cassava tubers into the hopper. Then the fresh cassava tubers are transported to the conveyor belt.
2. The conveyor transports the fresh cassava roots to the dry sieve, which will remove the sand and impurities in the cassava.
3. Then the paddle washing machine will further clean the cassava raw material. It can effectively remove the sediment and other impurities of cassava raw materials.
4. The cassava shredder cuts the washed cassava into sections. This is a pre-crushing treatment, which is conducive to the next coarse grinding operation.
5. The rapist is fully crushing the cassava. Using water as the medium and relying on high-speed rotation, the cassava can be fully crushed to produce meat.
6. The centrifugal screen uses its own high centrifugal force to separate fibers from the starch slurry.
7. The fine fiber screen and desander will achieve the purpose of separating and purifying starch through centrifugal force.
8. The hydrocyclone station is used for washing, concentrating and refining starch slurry. The liquid produced after this process is called starch milk, which is pure white.
9. The peeling machine can dehydrate starch milk.
10. After dehydration, the wet material will enter the drying tube of the rapid dryer. The final cassava starch content is 10%-14%.
11. Finally, the tapioca starch is sieved and packaged through a vibrating sieve machine and a tapioca packaging machine.
This is the whole process of cassava starch processing machine making starch. Duoning Holdings' tapioca starch processing machine-Henan Jinrui has a high degree of automation and processing capabilities. The final starch is also of high quality. If you want to make high-quality tapioca starch, tapioca starch processing machine is a good choice. 

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