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The manufacturer of complete equipment for soybean oil refining encountered problems and solutions w

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The manufacturer of complete equipment for soybean oil refining encountered problems and solutions when using a soybean oil press
When the soybean oil press is used to press soybean oil, various problems may arise due to improper operation or improper adjustment of oil moisture content. When using a soybean oil press, the following precautions should be taken:
1、 The phenomenon of oil return occurs when the soybean oil press presses soybeans: When the soybean oil press presses oil-rich materials, it is easy to experience oil return. This is because the gap between the rows of the soybean oil press is too small and needs to be adjusted. For the 100 type soybean oil press, in addition to adjusting the clearance between the strips, it is also necessary to loosen the compression nut and increase the clearance between the oil discharge in the circle.
2、 Poor cake production, or failure to produce cake, or failure to feed: When the soybean oil press is first used, it may not be run in and improper use may lead to failure to feed and produce cake. When the moisture content of the oil is not high, adjustments should be made. If it is not a problem with moisture, the new machine should be operated strictly according to the instructions, and the feeding should be slowly controlled. Only when the temperature rise reaches 80 degrees or above can it enter normal pressing.
3、 The phenomenon of residue leakage during the pressing of soybean oil press: If there is a small amount of residue leakage during the pressing of oil, it is a normal phenomenon. If the amount of residue is large, it is necessary to adjust the soybean oil press. From the perspective of oil, improper moisture content, whether too dry or too wet, can lead to slag leakage. The oil is too wet, and the residue of the strip is flaky. The cake is soft, and it is held in a ball. There is white foam in the flowing oil. If the oil is too dry, the residue in the strip will become powdery, and the cake will turn white and powdery, resulting in poor oil flow. The oil discharge gap in the squeezing chamber should be less. When installing the first row, it should be tight, and the last row should be hit with a hammer. The tightening screw nut of the 100 type oil press should be tightened.
The above are the precautions and possible problems that need to be noted when using the soybean oil press. The operation should strictly follow the instructions and the above precautions.

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