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yam starch is a power product of fresh yam root processed through special processes and equipment. The yam starch processing line greatly destroys the cell structure of yam root and fully releases free starch, thereby ensuring the high yield of yam starch.
The entire yam processing line includes the following:
Selection and transportation of raw materials-stone removal-slag washing-separation slag-starch slurry desalination-concentration purification-dehydrated starch drying packaging
yam starch production line
1. Selection and transportation of raw materials: In a yam starch processing production line, yam roots are usually received from the field as soon as possible after harvest, and cannot be stored for more than two days. The presence of woody material or stones can severely interfere with the processing of the grating due to downtime or broken blades. The selected yam roots are then transported to the farm.
2. Stone removal process: yam root allows stone removal with a dry sieve in a yam starch processing line. Use a forklift to transport the raw yam to a dry sieve to remove stones, sand, and other debris.
3. yam washing process: The purpose of washing is to remove sand, soil, skin from the yam starch production line, reduce starch ash, and facilitate the work of the next process. The roots are fed from one end. When the roots protrude from the other end, they are clean and partially peeled. The effect is continuous. Dirty water and skin are regularly drained through small holes in concrete tanks.
4. yam grinding process: In a yam starch processing production line, it is necessary to rupture all cell walls to release starch granules. This is the most important procedure because it determines the yield of starch. In view of this result, it is important to choose an efficient encoder. sida rasper introduces German Optibelt and Swedish SKF bearings, with a fracture rate of more than 94% is a good choice.
5. Separation of starch and residue: It is mainly used for fiber separation in starch pulp of yam starch production line. Effective machines for separating starch from cellulose fibers are centrifugal screens and fine fiber screens. The starch slurry was placed in a conical basket and centrifuged to separate the starch dispersion from the fiber slurry.
6. Desanding of starch slurry: The starch slurry contains sand, which needs to be removed by a sand remover in the yam starch production line. The sand removing machine adopts the density separation method to achieve the purpose of sand removing.
7, concentrated purification process: The concentrated purification process of the yam starch production line is mainly used to remove a small amount of insoluble protein, soluble protein and other minerals remaining in starch milk. At present, yam starch processing plants use a multi-stage hydrocyclone to achieve starch concentration, refining and recycling.
8. Dehydration process: After the starch is completely dehydrated, it reaches the commercial standard of yam starch production line. The processing of starch in this stage is a complicated process, because it must be avoided that it is not dehydrated without using high temperatures, to avoid gelatinization-destruction of its granular structure. In this process, excess water is removed by using a stripper centrifuge.
9. Starch drying and packaging process: After dehydration, it is further dried in the yam starch production line. The drying process is achieved by using a fast dryer. High temperatures can be used in this final stage, at the end of which the starch loses a final percentage of water to reach 14% moisture.

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