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20TPD syrup plant set up in Uzbekistan about the production of rice glucose syrup

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In 2012 , our company manufactured the complete set rice glucose syrup plant for Uzbekistan customer. The rice glucose syrup plant capacity is output 20ton rice glucose syrup per day.  Which is the first rice glucose syrup plant in Uzbekistan.
We send our engineers to customer site to help installation . After all the equipments have been installed , our engineer train the local wookers abour the technology, and the daily maintiance work.
For production of glucose syrup, all of us know that glucose syrup production from starch,  rice starch, corn starch, potato starch cassava starch etc. But this technology that will be large wasted of water during the starch processing line, which will lead to the serious enviroment finally.
While we use the newest technology. Using rice to make rice flour firstly, and then use the  rice flour to produce glucose syrup directly,With this technology, no need to add water during the rice flour processing, so that will be not any wasted water discharge.
At the same time, customers can collect all byproduct to make their profit maximum

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