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Annual capacity 60,000tons Novosibirsk rice syrup processing project

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   This annual capacity 60,00tons Novosibirsk rice syrup processing project construction include civil engineering and whole syrup production line. The detail is total cover area 2500㎡ with production department cost 4500㎡, warehouse area 10,000㎡, other 4000㎡, Other public works, such as road hardening and greening, cover area 6500㎡. Its a 200tons per day glucose syrup processing plant project.
   Efficiency analysis: After this rice syrup processing project construction complete, annual rice processing capacity is 60,000tons,producing 60,000tons, rice protein 7,200tons, annual earnings about 250 million of dollars. Investment payback period (including oneyear of construction period)5 years. Its a lucrative high-quality projects.
Novosibirsk rice syrup processing project equipments delivery
    Rice syrup is glucose syrup, usually made by rice, so we also called it rice syrup. This annual capacity 60,000tons rice syrup processing project in Novosibirsk all contains rice syrup equipment designed and made by sda Company. The Novosibirsk client cost four days to visit our office and factory, then decided to cooperate with us. When the equipments complete manufacture and delivery, our engineer came to Novosibirsk to select suitable area to construct tis syrup processing plant with our clients.
Novosibirsk rice syrup processing project equipments delivery

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