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Russian customer sign contract about wheat starch glucose syrup production plant projects

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Glucose Syrup is a liquid sweetener containing glucose, maltose and dextrose sugars. The glucose syrup production includes hydrolysis of starch obtained from plant source with the help of enzymes. It has widespread use in manufacturing industries of cough syrups, chocolates, bakery and confectionery products etc. Glucose syrup is also used as a food preservative and to increase the shelf-life of the product.
Globally the glucose syrup market is mainly driven by rising demand of stable sweetener and thickeners which have long shelf life. Since glucose syrup is in concentrated form of sugar, it is required in less quantity as compared to any other sweeteners which supports its high sale. The high demand of bakery and confectionery products in urban areas is also driving the market. Economic developments and reliabilities on new processing technologies are also helping in fueling up the market demand of the product.

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