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Plantain starch production machine

Product number:Plantain starch production machine

Processing capacity:10-200ton starch/Day

Scope of use:Plantain processing into starch

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Product description:Manufacturers of plantain starch processing machine,plantain starch production line,plantain starch making plant,plantain starch extraction equipment,plantain peeling machinery

Plantain starch production machine
Plantain starch production machine
 The whole plantain starch production include: plantain cleaning(impurities remove)-plantain crushing-starch slurry washing-starch slurry refining-dewatering-air drying. The following parts describe each of these:
      1. About plantain crushing, also two sections, because plantain size usually a little big, so firstly need to cut them then send for fine crushing to get plantain partiels, two section for plantain crushing can make sure all starch free from plantains, improve the using rate of raw materials. Doing Company new type rasping machine can fully destroy the cell wall and fibre, high starchrealease rate of plantain starch production.
      2. plantain cleaning process usually adopt two cleaning section to get a better cleaning effect, fully filter out the leafs, sand and other dirty in plantain performance. Doing Company professional plantain cleaning machine equipped with the impurities collection parts, can keep your plantain starch production plant cleaning.
      3. Starch slurry washing process: after starch free from plantain can get plantain starch slurry, but the slurry still contain many impurities, to get high grade plantain starch and meet for following process, we need washing the starch slurry. This section equipments demand 2-4, include centrifugal sieve machine, fine fibre sieve, desnader, multi-grade hydrocyclone, also others, selected by your requests and condations.
 4. After starch slurry washed, we can get clean starch slurry, then need refined the starch slurry to get pure starch liquid, this plantain starch liquid refining process can remove the protein, fat and other little impurities entirely, guarantee the plantain starch products purity, reach the first class grade of starch. This is an important section for plantain starch production.
      5. Starch liquid dewatering: starch water content is large, can't send to air drying directly, so we need this dewatering section to make starch water content less than 40%. As your different capacity requests, we offer different typedewatering machine such as vacuum filter machine and scrape centrifugal machine
      6. Air drying, can drying the wet starch fastly and entirely, make sure the plantain starch don't turn yellow, no spoil.
Plantain starch processing line
Plantain starch processing line
  And it's honor to tell you that Doing Company plantain starch production line equipped with fully automatic control system, composed by Mcc operation cabinet, OCC control cabinet, LCB cabinet and matched CCTV monitoring system. Our plantain starch production automatic control system puts the industrial computer as the center to realize the visualized operation of central control room in the production line.
      Above all, this is the plantain starch production description, any questions of the plantain starch production, we can dicuss together. plantain starch production usually an industrial production line nowadays with large capacity, contain the all of process from plantain cleaning to get plantain starch products. 

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