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garri processing machine

Product number:garri processing machine

Processing capacity:1-200ton /Day

Scope of use:Cassava,tapioca processing into garri

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Product description:Gari is made from cassava by garri processing machine. detail introduction of gari processing machine and the gari production progress.fry garri making plant manufacturers

Garri processing plants play an important role in the economies of tropical countries which mainly treat garri as their main food. There are two types of garri: white garri and yellow garri. The difference between white garri and yellow garri is that yellow garri is made with palm oil and cassava. Meanwhile, garri processing factories not only meet the needs of people in tropical countries, but also carry economic impacts. Next is the garri processing plant.
garri processing machine
garri processing machine
The Garri processing plant, mainly the production process, includes the cleaning of cassava, cassava peeler, cassava milling, cassava fermentation, garri dewatering section, garri frying section, garri sieving machine, and packing machine.
 1.The cleaned cassava portion of the garri processing plant mainly includes the cassava cleaning portion and the cassava cleaning portion. First clean the cassava with a dry filter. The dry filter rotates the inner spiral to push the cassava to rotate, thereby cleaning some surface impurities. Then wash the cassava with a paddle washer. The paddle washer rotates the paddle and the cassava will flow in the water stream opposite the water. After these two steps, the cassava hardly rises from the surface impurities.
2. The cassava peeled portion of the Garri processing plant is mainly carried out by a cassava peeler. The cassava peeler can make the level of the cassava peeler more than 95%. Therefore, the peeling machine can peel cassava efficiently.
Garri processing
Garri processing
3, the cassava grinding part of the Garri processing plant is mainly carried out by the cassava lattice machine (click here to view the video of the working grid machine). The capacity of the grid can be adjusted according to the amount of cassava. The cassava grill is made up of a hood, a box, a machine base, a spindle, a hammer and a mesh. And there are a variety of models to choose from.
4. The cassava fermentation is after the cassava milling portion of the garri processing plant. Milled cassava must be placed in a bag for fermentation. After fermentation, the taste of Gary will increase. The fermentation will last for two to three days.
As shown in Fig. 5, the Garri dewatering section of the Garri processing plant is carried out by a hydraulic press. The machine uses the principle of a hydraulic press to squeeze the water and leave the filling bucket. This is mainly used in small Garga factories.
6, the Garri deep-fried area of ​​the Garri processing plant is carried out by the garri fryer (you can see the garri fried video work here). The fryer is an automatic fryer that controls the temperature if it sticks. The machine has a large capacity. Due to the rapid heating, the engine shortens the processing time of the machining.
7, Garri's screening and packaging components at the Garri processing plant mainly include garri vibratory screening machines and garri packaging machines. The garri vibrating screen has different screens so that some large granules can be screened.
This is the main part of the garri processing plant. Of course this is only the main part of the garri processing plant. Factories vary in size, so these plants have different capabilities. Therefore, our company can design machines based on the number of garri outputs. In addition, our company has a professional team to ensure the quality of the garri processing machine.

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