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Corn glucose syrup manufacturing plant

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Regarding the glucose production plant, there are some production solutions and technical standards, taking the annual output of 50,000 tons of syrup as an example:
1. Production method: double enzymatic hydrolysis of starch
2. Production plan: 300 working days per year, 166.66 tons of glucose syrup per day. Workers work 8 hours per day, three shifts per day, with a capacity of 55.56t per group
3. Raw materials: corn starch starch content 85.4%, moisture 14%, fat (dry material) 0.1%, protein (dry material) 0.4%, specific gravity 0.1%. Other types of starch are also suitable.
4. Product specifications: Corn starch can be used to make glucose, fructose and maltose. Doing Company can produce these three types of starch syrup with a set of syrup equipment.
5. Enzyme label: high temperature resistant α-enzyme, activity 20000u/g, cost 8u/g. The glucoamylase activity is 50000u/g and the cost is 200u/g. The isosyringase activity is> 360u/g.
Glucose is further processing products of starch. Glucose is produced by hydrolysis of starch. Glucose production line flowchart as bellow: Starch→mixing process→liquefaction process→deproteinization process→saccharification process→decoloration process→decarburization process→ion exchange process→evaporation process→liquid glucose. Next is the main machinery adopted in the glucose manufacturing plant and its function introduction:
Glucose manufacturing plant used are various size glucose syrup production tanks (mixing tank, liquefaction tank, saccharification tank, decoloration tank), jet cooker, filter press, ion exchange column and evaporator. Tanks are very important in glucose manufacturing plant, because all the procedures must be finished in closed environment, no touching of air. To make food grade liquid glucose as final products, all tanks must be made of stainless steel. During process of glucose making, acid, alkali and enzyme etc., are added with starch slurry in the tanks for further reaction; therefore, the tanks must be resistant to corrosion and high temperature.
Jet cooker is key equipment in liquefaction process of glucose manufacturing plant. Jet cooker consists of starch slurry inlet, hot vapor inlet, vapor-liquid mixing chamber, diffusion tube and buffer tube. In 1st jet cooking hot vapor enters into the chamber and mix with starch slurry, and finish gelatinization process of starch in short time.
Gelatinization provides better environment for further liquefaction. Then 2nd jet cooking will complete the liquefaction well and comes out liquid dextrin.
Filter press is the necessary equipment used in glucose manufacturing plant. It is used in deproteinization process and decarburization process. Filter press machine applies theory of liquid-solid separation, which can separate solid impurities from liquid solution. The deproteinization process will separate the protein and other impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. After that, the liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, the protein cake will be left for sale. In decarburization process, activated carbon (added in decoloration process) is insoluble in water, and then we can use filter press machine to finish decarburization process. The filter removes the activated carbon as well as removes organic impurities from the sugar solution.
Ion exchange column is deionizing equipment that is used in glucose manufacturing plant. After the water-insoluble impurities and organic impurities in the sugar liquid are removed, there still contain many inorganic impurities dissolved in water. These impurities exist in the form of cations and anions in water. The purpose of ion exchange is to remove these water-soluble inorganic impurities.
In glucose manufacturing plant, syrup evaporator is used to remove excess water and get final glucose syrup in certain density. Three-effect evaporator is commonly used, which can make full use of heat steam. Usually the density of liquid glucose is 26% before evaporation. And after the evaporation, glucose syrup density is normally between 72% - 75%, which is better for long time storage.

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