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Deproteinization process of syrup production

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Deproteinization process Introduction:
This process main used equipment is the filter press, because of glucose inside have too much protein, so this deproteinization process is essential.Deproteinization process working principle:
Liquid dextrin which has been through high temperature injection shall move into filter press for mechanical extrusion. The deproteinization process will separate the protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. After that, the liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, the protein cake will be left for sale.
Technical parameters of the filter press:
Model Output/m³ Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 80 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-30 100 3 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-50 120 4 Thermostability polypropylene
GS-100 150 5.5 Thermostability polypropylene

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