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Saccharification process of syrup production

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step of syrup production line-saccharification process Introduction:
After the press filter non protein glucose pumping into saccharifying tank, maintain at specific temperature, then put in glucoamylase, after a couple of hours glucose enzyme will transfer syrup to glucose syrup.
Saccharification process working principle:
The liquefied liquid (solid content of 30%-35%) is pumped to the saccharification tank and cooled to 60 ℃. Adding the saccharification enzyme is equivalent to 0.45-0.58L /ton dry starch. The liquefied liquid DE value is 28.85%-31.35%, the pumping time is 4-6 hours for one tank. Each tank of saccharification time is 50 hours. The DE value is about 95-97 when finished.
The saccharification liquid is pumped into the pre-coated perlite drum filter to separate protein, and then entering the third time injectors for enzyme deactivation after saccharification. The third injection temperature is about 99 ℃; the injection pressure is 0.39Mpa; and the saccharification liquid yield is about 98%-105%.
Saccharification process can applied in the following glucose syrup production line :
(1) Corn glucose syrup production line
(2) Rice glucose syrup production line
(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line
(4) Cassava glucose syrup production line
(5) Potato glucose syrup production line
(6) Fructose syrup production line

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