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Evaporation process of syrup production process

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Evaporation process of syrup production
The evaporation process(evaporator) working principle:
Evaporator usually used the triple effect evaporator. Pump the ion exchange liquid syrup into the triple effect evaporator. The first effect evaporator vacuum degree is 0.01-0.03Mpa, the temperature is about 105 ℃, the second-effect evaporator vacuum degree is 0.015-0.028Mpa, the temperature is 84 ℃-90 ℃, the third-effect evaporation vacuum degree is 0.04-0.05Mpa, the temperature is 55 ℃-60 ℃ etc. After evaporation, it will be the high density liquid syrup according to the requirement.
 The sda company triple effect evaporator introduction:
The triple effect evaporator is an equipment for syrup extracting and concentrating.
1. Used tubes heat cycling, shorter time for heating the liquid syrup, quicker evaporating, large proportion of concentrating, and stable performance, keep the syrup quality.
2. Saving steam because of the high use ratio. Liquid syrup evaporating and concentrating in enclosed system, clean process.
3. The evaporator contact parts of the syrup are made by stainless steel and be polished, so sda evaporator has good corrosion resistance, and convenient to cleaning, meet the requirement of food production.

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