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Ion exchange process of syrup production

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After decolorization and decarburization process, the clean syrup pumping into the ion exchange column, inside the column resin will attract all the cation and anion and other small electron, then will get very pure glucose syrup for people eating.
Ion exchange working principles:
This process aims to remove the impurities and different ions to ensure the purity of syrup. Normally, it needs the anion-cation process, pump the discolored syrup liquid into the storage tank, keep the temperature about 30 ℃, and then pump the liquid syrup into the cathode colume to remove the negative ions. Finally pump the syrup into the adjusting pillars for conductance and PH adjustment.
Ion Exchange system can applied in the following syrup  production line:
1. Corn glucose syrup production line
2. Rice glucose syrup production line
3. Wheat glucose syrup production line
4. Cassava glucose syrup production line
5. Potato glucose syrup production line

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