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Glucose syrup production process

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Glucose syrup production process are as follows: raw material starch→mixing starch with water to get starch slurry→liquefaction process→deproteinization process→saccharification process→decolorization process→decarburization process→ion exchange process to eliminate ion impurities→evaporation process to get certain concentration glucose liquid→final products filling and packing. Following is the detail introduction:
1. Raw material starch checking and feeding:
The raw material(starch) requests its water content less than 14%, no mildew, after checking, send them to conveyor. We also can offer the technology of glucose syrup production process from corn or rice powder directly, but to get a first grade glucose syrup products, better use the starch as raw material for your glucose production.
2. Glucose syrup production mixing and liquefaction process:
Mixing the starch with water, adjust the concentration to 18Be, PH value 5.6-6.0. After the α-enzyme which is high temperature resistance adding, conveying to jet liquefier system with steam heating up to 100-108℃ to be liquefied, to get a suitable viscosity for following process.
3. Protein filtration of glucose syrup production process:
The liquid hydrolysis qualified dextrin solution (DE value about 20) is sent to the plate frame filter press machine to filter protein, the separated proteins can be washed, dried and crushed, get the animal feed, then packed into the warehouse after inspection. This increase the add-value of glucose syrup production plant.
4. Saccharification process of glucose syrup production process:
Conveyor the solution to saccharifying tank, adjust the temperature to 60℃, PH value about 4.2-4.8, add some saccharifying enzyme, keep 36-50 hours, then complete the saccharification process.
5. First decoloring:
Adding activated carbon, adsorption processing 0.5 ~ 1 hour later, send into plate and frame filter press for the decoloring process, then the transmittance of the solutions should more than 75%.
6. Ion exchange:  
When the solutions is cooled to 40~45℃, sent to the ion exchange column for ion exchange treatment. The conductivity of the solutions is less than 20ppm. This is a purify section for glucose syrup production process.
7. Second decoloring and decarburization:
Also add activated carbon and filter waste activated carbon by filter press again, this time the transmittance of the glucose syrup solution was reached to 95%.
8. Second ion exchange:
Cooling the solution to 30-35℃, then deliver to ion exchange system, this time the conductivity of the solutions is more than 95%. After this step in glucose syrup production process, we can get a glucose products can be used for people eating.
9. Evaporation process:
This process function is make the glucose syrup liquid concentration reach the requests standard. Also the last step for glucose syrup production process.
Quality Control of glucose syrup production process:
Glucose syrup is primarily used as a food products production. In the United States, its production and use falls under the control of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which sets rigid quality standards. The corn refiners, working through the Corn Refiners Association, have developed comprehensive analytical procedures for testing the properties of corn products, including corn glucose syrup. Some of the important properties of glucose syrup are dextrose or fructose content, carbohydrate composition, solids content, sweetness, solubility, viscosity, and acidity. In addition to monitoring the materials and processes used to make glucose syrup, manufacturers also take frequent samples of the finished product for analysis. 

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