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High fructose corn syrup manufacturing processing

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High fructose syrup manufacturing process detaill introduction as following:
a. Mixing and liquefying process: mixing the corn starch(or other raw material) with water, make the PH value to 5.0-6.0, after mixing add liquifying enzyme, equipped with ejector to complete the liquefaction process. This time, we get a suitable liquid can be prepare for glycosylated.
b. Saccharify: use saccharifying enzymes, processed the liquid temperature 58-60 degree, after reach the request DE value can be into next process. Saccharify process performance decided the high fructose corn syrup manufacturing process effect.
c. Liquid glucose decolorizing: second time decolorizing process to remove the fat, protein and pigment.
d. Filtration: this process adopt drum filter to remove soluble protein, decrease the protein content in glucose liquid.
e. Ion exchange system during high fructose corn syrup manufacturing process : adjust the temperature and PH value, remove irons, salt and ash, get pure syrup.
f. Concentration: under vacuum condation to make heating and evaporation, make the syrup concentration meet the standards, after the temperature reduce, get into next manufacturing process.
g. Isomerism process: this process function is change the glucose into fructose.
h. High fructose corn syrup manufacturing refining process: the isomerized raw syrup was prepared by the secondary decoloration and the secondary concentration
process. After adjusting the temperature, it was pumped into the special tank for storage, which was the finished product F42 high fructose corn syrup.

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