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Liquid corn glucose syrup box type plate frame press filter

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syrup filter machine used in syrup deproteinization process:
The liquid dextrin which has been through high temperature injection shall move into the plate and frame filter press machine for mechanical extruction. This deproteinization process will seperate the protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. After that, the liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, then the protein cake can be left for sale. That's to say our sugar syrup filter machine can give you the add-value in your sugar syrup production factory.
syrup filter machine used for the syrup decolorization:
Syrup decolorization process adopted the absorption principle of activated carbon, add the activated carbon with saccharification liquid into a decolorization tank, then filter the waste activated carbon out by the plate and frame filter press machine, generally cost 30 minutes. The syrup decolorization processed by this sugar syrup filter machine normal sequence is the first decolorization-the first decarburization-the second decolorization-the second decarburization. All these section is completed by the plate and frame filter press, it's the best choice for sugar syrup filter. After this, the liquid will be pumped into the ion exchange system storage tank through the plate heat exchanger.
 syrup production technology influencing the filter speed and its attention:
1. Water temperature: In the mixing process, must use the warm water, about 50℃, it can improve the liquefaction effect, make fewer particles formed during liquefaction, then improve the filter speed.
2. DE value: Control the DE value in a suitable degree, meke the starch liqufied liquid keep a suitable viscosity, make the filtration work smoothly.
3. PH value: The PH value 4.8-5.0 is best when filtering by our sugar syrup filter machine.
Above all, you have been learned that this sugar syrup filter machine is important for syrup purify.And sda Company plate and frame filter press machine technical parameters as below:
yrup filter machine working principle:
First press the plate frame group by hydraulic force (hydraulic station), and the syrup enters the filter plate from the inlet port of the filter plate. Since both sides of the filter plate are covered with the filter cloth, the platen is pressed by the pressing device. The frame is pressed tightly, that is, a pressure filter room is formed between the plate and the frame, the syrup cannot overflow, the liquid passes through the filter cloth, and is discharged from the lower part of the outlet tank between the filter cloth and the filter plate, and the solid is blocked by the filter cloth in the filter room. When the filter chamber is overfilled, the plate frame is depressurized and the filter plate is pulled apart. The filter cake falls due to gravity and can be pulled away by the car. This sugar syrup filter machine working process consist of the compression plate process, pressure filtration process, filter plate release process and pull plate release process.

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