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Syrup evaporator

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Syrup evaporator
Evaporation is the last and important procedure. Sugar solution, which get from saccharification and purification, have relatively low concentration. And it's not easy to transport and store. Most of the water must be removed, hence, the concentration of the sugar liquid is required to be achieved by evaporator. Therefore, syrup evaporator is key equipment in glucose production line.
There are two kinds of syrup evaporator, single-effect evaporator and multi-effect evaporator. A single-effect evaporator generally refers to a single evaporator, and the secondary vapor generated during the evaporation of the solution is no longer utilized. In mass production, evaporating large amount of water must consume large amount of primary vapor. In order to reduce the consumption of primary steam, the secondary steam generated in the first evaporator is transferred into the second evaporator as heating steam, and the secondary steam generated by the second evaporator can also be introduced into the third evaporator as heating supply. Each evaporator is called one effect, and so on. In this way, several syrup evaporators are operated in series to form a multi-effect evaporator.
The main cost in the evaporation operation is steam consumption. In order to save steam, multi-effect evaporation can be used to make full use of secondary steam and save a lot of cooling water. Usually glucose making factory use multi-effect and single-effect syrup evaporator together to achieve better efficiency and lower steam consumption. Following is some technical parameters and requirements of the syrup evaporator.
Requirements of glucose liquid that would enter into syrup evaporator:
No. Item Requirements
1 Purification The sugar solution must be purified before entering the evaporator, and no other impurities are allowed, so as so as not to contaminate the heating surface and reduce the heat transfer rate;
2 PH The evaporation of sugar liquid is a heating process. In order to reduce the thermal decomposition of sugar liquid, the pH should be in a relatively stable range, and generally should be adjusted to pH 4.2-4.3, preferably not lower than 4.0.
3 Temperature The temperature of the sugar liquid into the evaporator should not be too low. Usually, additional steam in the evaporation system is used to preheat the sugar liquid to about 80° C.
Key factors for syrup evaporator operation:
No. Item Remarks
1 Vacuum Starch syrup is a heat-sensitive material that is easily colored by heat, so the syrup evaporates should be under vacuum to reduce the boiling point of the liquid.
2 Steam Pressure Vapor pressure is directly related to the evaporation efficiency and the quality of the evaporating liquid. Increasing of pressure can increase the evaporation intensity. When the steam pressure is high, the solution temperature increases and the viscosity decreases. But as the solution temperature is high, the color would be increased. The evaporation pressure of glucose is generally about 0.15Mpa, preferably not more than 0.3Mpa.
3 The circulation of glucose liquid The circulation of the evaporated liquid in the tank can reduce the formation of tank scale, increase the heat transfer coefficient and evaporation efficiency. But if circulation is too fast, the sugar liquid foam increases, and the liquid is easily lost.

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