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Liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant

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1, Raw material: whether your raw material is Corn/Maize , Rice/Broken rice or any kind of raw grains(starch content). Because for the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant, the raw material mainly is starch, so any materials contain starch can be used to produce flucose in the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant. Except corn and rice, also include potato, cassava. It's honor to tell you that our compnany developed the technology can use the corn/ rice directly to produce syrup, but for the potato or cassava, still need to process into starch firstly, because in the potatoes, the protein and fat percentage is high.
2, Capacity: how many tons of raw material you want to process in one day or how many tons of liquid glucsoe syrup you want to produce in one day. Our company can supply the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant with output capacity from 5ton glucose syrup per day to 100 ton glucose syrup per day. Until know, sida Company completed largest capacity liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant for our client is annual capacity 10 million tons.
3, Raw material source: Do you have your own plantation or factory to prepare your raw grains or have you purchase the raw material from local market? For getting the profit maximization, it’s better to stable raw material supply factory to make sure the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant can operation smoothly and continuously. The raw material quality directly influenced the final glucose products quality, its cost also a large investment in the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant.
4, Government permission, to install a liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant, requests government permission, you need to prepare and apply in advance, because it usually takes long time, and our company can provide the documents that you need.
5, Factory size and location, you need to confirm the factory size, and our engineer can help to draw layout for you. Please also note, the factory should be close to the main road, it will help raw material and finish product glucose syrup transportation in and out from the glucose syrup processing plant. About the factory construction suggestions, you can click this: syrup manufacturing plant construction suggestions.
6, Capital: it’s the necessary condition to start your liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant, for the whole plant will be cost large and need to prepare in advance. sida Company can help you with the quotation, also can make the turn-key project for you. We guarantee our quotation is reasonable, all details design can as your requests, you also can talk to our engineers to confirm your liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant.
Secondly, the liquid glucose produce technology and the equipments adopted also an important factor you must to concern and select, this also a large percentage of your investment. sida Company technology process for glucose adopt the double-enzyme method, this is the most advanced technology in the world, this method can guarantee the glucose products high quality, starch reaction uniform and fast, this method also lower requests for the syrup preparation equipments than other method, because use enzyme not generating corrosion to the equipments wall.
Technology process of the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant offered by our company: Mixing process - Liquefaction - Deproteinization - Saccharification - Decolorization - Decarburization - Ion exchange - Evaporation process - Final liquid glucose syrup storage.
Main eqyuipments used in the liquid glucose syrup manufacturing plant: mixing tank, liquefaction tank, ejector, plate and frame filter press, saccharification tank, drum filter, ion exchange column, evaporator and syrup storage tank. If you want to produce the fructose, we also supply the isomerism system, include the technology and equipments.
By the way, if you want to know the particular technology process and the equipments, just click here: syrup preparation methods.

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