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Cassava glucose syrup production line manufacturers

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assava glucose syrup production line is composed by cassava starch production line and glucose syrup production line.
Following is mainly introducion of our glucose syrup equipments, of course its suitable for cassava glucose syrup production line:
Cassava glucose syrup production line
1. Mixing tank: used for mixing cassava starch with water to get a starch slurry, and adjust the slurry PH value for further process in glucose syrup production line.
2. Ejector: this ejector mainly used for the liquefaction process in cassava glucose syrup production line, under more than 0.5Mpa heating pressure, our high-pressure ejector liquefaction of starch is fully, final concentration of liquid is good with high starch conversion rate. Its essential for starch slurry automatic liquefaction.
3. Liquefaction tank: this is a general terms, actually, this process request three tanks contain laminar flow tank, maintain tank and neutralization tank. Used for whole liquefaction process for cassava glucose syrup production.
4. Plate and frame filter press: filter press working principle, used for deproteinization process in cassava glucose syrup production line, next decoloration process also demand this plate and frame filter press machine, large capacity, good performance filter cloth.
5. Saccharification tank: add saccharification enzyme into this saccharification tank with the liquid after liquefaction to get saccharification liquid.
6. Pre-coated perlite drum filter: used for seperate the protein from saccharification liquid.
7. Ion exchange column: remove all calcium and magnesium to get pure glucose syrup.
8. Three-effect evaporator: remove extra moisture to get the glucose syrup concentration as your requests, good performance, long service life.
9. Storage tank: for final glucose syrup storage, prevent it from pollution, keep glucose syrup products quality, convenient for packing and shipment. This usually the last equipment in cassava glucose syrup production line.

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