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Preparation of glucose syrup from starch

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The main equipment used by sida to prepare glucose syrup from starch are mixing tanks, underflow pumps, jet cookers, high-temperature maintenance tanks, flash tanks, centrifugal pumps, saccharification tanks, bleaching tanks, and plate and frame filter presses. The production process is: mixing starch with water (the first addition of enzyme), liquefaction process, high temperature maintenance, flash cooling (second addition of α-enzyme), saccharification process (using glucoamylase), enzyme deactivation process, Bleaching process, filter and evaporation.
Main glucose syrup production equipments
Glucose syrup production equipments function introduction:
1. Mixing tank: mixing the starch with water to get starch milk.
2. Liquefaction tank and jet cooker used in preparation of glucose syrup from starch to transfer the starch into glucose slurry.
3. Filter press machine: remove glucose slurry protein. Also used in decolorization process to get clean and colorless glucose syrup for preparation of glucose syrup from starch.
3. Saccharifying tank: after the press filter non protein, glucose pumping into saccharifying tank, maintain at specific temperature, then put in glucoamylase, after a couple of hours glucose enzyme will transfer syrup to glucose syrup.
4. Ion exchange column: this process aims to remove the impurities and different ions to ensure the purity of syrup, then will get very pure glucose syrup for people eating.
5. Syrup evaporator: Suggest you use the multiple-effect evaporator for preparation of glucose syrup from starch.
6. Glucose syrup storage tank: a professional storage tank can keep the glucose syrup quality, and easily for the further package and shippment.
 Main features of sida Company preparation of glucose syrup from starch:
1. Adopt composite glycosdase, effectively reduce the polysaccharide content in glucose syrup, more healthy.
2. Second time add enzymes, make syrup quality better, increase enzyme cost about 30%.
3. Advanced and high quality jet cooker, improve the efficiency and quality of liquefication and saccharification process.
Next is the further introduction of sida Company preparation of glucose syrup from starch:
For the first, we all know the liquefaction and saccharification process is the basic of glucose syrup production process, high influenced for the final glucose syrup quality. In the preparation of glucose syrup from starch, hydrolysis of starch is finished by liquefaction and saccharification. In liquefaction process, starch granule firstly absorb water and swell during heating procedure, volume increases rapidly and crystal structure is broken. Then starch milk becomes kind of trick liquid, which is known as gelatinization. Gelatinization is first part of liquefaction. After gelatinization, starch granule structure is broken and is exposed to enzyme directly. Molecular chain of starch granule is disconnected quickly and becomes dextrin. This is the whole process of liquefaction. For preparation of glucose syrup from starch, saccharification process used to make dextrin into glucose. It is finished by effect of saccharifying enzyme. Enzyme reaction speed and process can be controlled by adjusting enzyme amount and reaction time. Required starch syrup could be obtained through the enzyme controlling process.

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