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Potato extraction starch process

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potato starch processing machine
potato starch processing machine
Prospects for developing potato starch extraction:
-1. Analysis of potential value-added from the deep processing of potato starch - potato flour and its derivatives, with its unique characteristics, such as textiles, paper making, chemicals and building materials.
-2. In medicine, at present, several hundred types of nutritious food made from potato flour and other grains have been developed. It can be seen that the extraction of starch from the potato process has very high development value and broad market prospects.
The level of starch extraction industry from potato processing is 60% in the United States and 47% in the Netherlands. Potato output in the United States is basically stagnant and fifteen EU countries experience a constant decline. So the gap in extracting starch from potatoes is getting bigger recently. Based on the situation, Doing is committed to developing a low-cost and high-cost potato starch plant for a long time. There are five steps included in extracting starch from the potato process:
1. Cleaning and washing
Dry filters can effectively remove dirt, sand and small stones and avoid sewage. Rotary drum cleaning machine is able to remove mud and dirt from the surface of the potato. Free to choose whether to buy this machine in extracting starch from the potato process because cleaning and washing can be done manually.
2. Destroy parts
The peeler machine can increase the rate of destruction and extraction. Hoarse machines are independently developed by our Doing company. This is widely used in the production of potatoes, lotus roots, beans and rice flour. Rasp machines mainly destroy and destroy raw materials in extracting starch from the potato process.
3. Screening
Centrifuge filters are mainly used to separate fiber and flour porridge. It is important to ensure the purity of the finished product in extracting starch from the potato process
4. Concentrate
Hydro cyclone stations can remove fibers, proteins and cells to process further potato starch milk.
The vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine formed by vacuum pressure and vacuum filtration.
5. drying section
The potatoes are first dried by two levels of exhaust gas and additional hot air mixture in the air flow flash dryer (click to see the video). Then, high humidity and low temperature exhaust are removed from the engine. Additional hot air volume can be adjusted as needed. In extracting starch from the potato process, this equipment can be applied high.
The special nature of potato raw material sources determines specialization in the production method - the level of automation in the cultivation process is more difficult and expensive. At the same time, because the transportation costs of raw materials are high, they cannot be transported with large fingers, which determines that the main product process from extracting starch from potatoes can only be done in the source area. However, in developed countries, extraction of flour from potato processing companies to import raw flour from foreign countries is limited by their domestic policies, in this way, further development of the potato starch industry in developed countries has been limited.

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