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Tapioca flour processing equipment

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Tapioca flour processing equipment,Cassava flour making machine Nigeria,Cassava contains high flour. If Cassava is made into flour, it has gone through several steps, including cassava cleaning and washing, cassava grinding, flour extraction, filtering and sanding, flour concentration and purification, flour and drying, sieving and packing. These are the main steps of Tapioca flour making machine equipment. And the following part is to introduce the functions of main equipments in Cassava flour making machine equipment.
Cleaning parts of Cassava flour making machine equipment.
In this part, dry sieve is first used in impurities pre-removal for flour production. In other words, it used to remove some impurities attached on the surface of cassava. And the next is to use paddle washing equipment to wash the raw materials. It adopts countercurrent washing principle, so the raw materials are washed clean.
Crushing part of Cassava flour making machine equipment
The cutting equipment is used for cutting cassavas into small pieces, 3-5cm, for further processing. It consists of foundation, main frame, cutters, ,motor and drive system. Next, these small pieces are grinded by rasper. The equipment with high speed has high coefficient and high extraction rate.
flour extraction part of Cassava flour making machine equipment.
After that, those small pieces become a kind of mash. Then centrifuge sieve is used for the extraction of flour from the materials, remove fiber from flour slurry. the equipment with automatic front and back washing system guarantee good screen penetration and high-efficiency operation. Then fine fiber sieve fatherly separates small fiber from flour slurry according to its own gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum. The next step is to separate protein, cell liquid out of flour milk, two equipments are used to separate them. One is disc separator. It is one kind of settling centrifuge, which use centrifugal force to accelerate separating process. It can be used for enrichment and purification of flour slurry.
The other is hydrocyclone station. The cyclone separation system includes concentrating, recovering and washing. At this time, a kind of pure flour milk is produced.
Dewatering  and drying system of Tapioca production line.

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