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Preparation of glucose from starch

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can manufacturered all equipments and offer the technology of the preparation of glucose from starch, contain mixing tank, saccharify tank, ejector, ion exchange column, plate and frame filter press, evaporator, etc. Follwoing is the equipments photo:
The details technical process of the preparation of glucose from starch is:
1. Mixing slurry:
Mix the starch with water as the suitable percentage to get starch slurry. Add sodium carbonate solution and α-enzyme adjust the starch slurry PH value to 6.0-6.5, to keep the catalytic activity of the α-enzyme, use the calcium chloride as protectant and activator for enzyme, per kg starch demand 500mg calcium chloride and 5-10mg sodium chloride.
2. Liquefaction:
Mixed heat-stable α-enzyme (Novo’s Termamyl 120L) into the starch slurry, the slurry is instantaneously heated to 100 ℃ and held at this temperature for 10 min before it is cooled to 90 ℃. This temperature is maintained for 40-60 min, after this, boil for 10 min for sterilization and destroy the enzyme activity. For the preparation of glucose from starch, liquefaction process directly decided the yield, you also can understand this as the starch using rate of the preparation of glucose from starch.
3. Saccharification:
After liquefaction liquid cooled, use the dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid adjust the pH value to 4.2-4.6, after the solution is cooled to 60 ℃. Added the glucomylase (Novo’s AMG 300L) immediately. The reaction time for saccharification is usually between 24-48 hour depending on enzyme reaction speed. After this, also boil the liquid to 100℃ to remove the enzyme. This section is important for the preparation of glucose from starch, and our saccharification liquid yield is about 98%-105%.

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