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industrial production machine of high fructose syrup

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industrial production of high fructose syrup-project on production of high fructose syrup corn
Then below is the main equipments and there function in high fructose corn syrup factory:
1.Mixing tank:
Mixing the starch and water to get the right density slurry, add certain enzyme, adjust the PH value and temperature to get the starch milk, in this condition, the starch will not be precipitated, the material used in high fructose corn syrup factory has been prepared for glucose produce.
2. Liquefaction tank & ejector:
Used in the liquefaction process which can convert the starch milk into liquid dextrin, the liquefaction tank include the laminar tank, maintaining tank and neutralization tank in high fructose corn syrup factory. The liquid pumped by the ejector.
3. Plate frame filter press machine:
Actually in the high fructose corn syrup factory, this filter machine will be used in two sections, not only the deproteinization process, but also the decolorization. It's an important machine for the syrup purify. The deproteinization process function is used to separate the protein and other solid impurity from liquid dextrin, with automatic mechanical extrusion method.
And the decolorization process adopt the activated carbon adsorption principle to remove color from the liquid. The decolorization & decarbaurization normal sequence is the first decolorization-the first decarburization-The second decolorization-the second decarburization.
4. Saccharification tank:
After liquefaction, the pH value is reduced to 4.2-4.5, when the solution temperature is cooled to 60 ℃, add the glucomylase (Novo’s AMG 300L) immediately. The reaction time for saccharification is usually between 24-48 hour depending on enzyme reaction speed. Glucoamylase releases single glucose units from the ends of dextrin molecule, syrups of 95% glucose or higher are manufactured by the saccharification tank, important for the fructose syrup production in high fructose corn syrup factory.
5. Ion exchange column:
Ion exchange can remove the Ca2+ and Mg2+ etc, and the negative ions, pure the syrup, the resin need regeneration by acid and alkali washing after working for some days. After the syrup liquid processed by ion exchange column, we can get the product can be eaten by people.
6. Isomerism system:
This process used to converting glucose into fructose, the isomerism system can make the purified glucose solution isomerized by a reactor containing immobilized isomerase to obtain fructose syrup with 42% fructose content. It's honor to tell you that the isomerase we are using is a kind of immobilized enzyme. Converted from soluble state into immobilized state, the stability of isomerism will be increased significantly and it can be uses repeatedly in the high fructose corn syrup factory. This immobilized enzyme used in food processing make food free of enzyme after production, so there is no need to adopt the way of heat treatment to make enzyme inactivated, which can help improving the quality of food as well as economic benefits.

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