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how to starch production from cassava

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1. Cleaning equipment
- Dry sieve: Tapioca starch processing equipment used in cleaning unit serves to clean the stone, gravel and cassava skins and other debris.
Features: continuous operation, simple structure, large capacity, good cleaning effect and stable operation.
- Paddle washing machine: As the name indicates, this tapioca starch processing equipment is for washing purpose which mainly remove peels, sand, dirt and other epidermis impurities to improve raw material clarity.
Features: Energy-saving, water-saving and low material damage rate facilitates starch extraction.
2. Extraction equipment
Starch extraction equipment is the most crucial tapioca starch processing equipment which determines the starch yield and starch quality.
- Rasper: The clean cassava roots are transported to rasper for grating via a conveyor belt. At this stage, the cassava is ground into a liquid mixture consisting of starch granules, pulp, and other impurities. Use treated or recycled water to facilitate the operation of the tapioca starch processing equipment.
Features: High rotating speed, fine filing, uniform granule and high starch extraction rate.
In the fiber separation process, fresh water and water injected with sulfur dioxide are usually added to tapioca starch processing equipment to facilitate starch extraction. The mucus treated with the sulfur dioxide solution tends to clog up filter cloth, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and act as a bleaching agent.
- Desander cyclone: The principle of centrifugal separation is used by this tapioca starch processing equipment for sand removal. The desanding efffect of DOING equipment is 99%.
- Hydrocyclone separator system: For starch slurry concentration and refinment
The starch slurry coming from desander is then sent to hydrocyclone separator to remove protein, sulfur dioxide, and other impurities. The impurities will be separated through a series of combined cyclone separator, the separation action is based on the effect of pressure generating by centrifugal force of this tapioca starch processing equipment. Generally, starch processing factory utilizes 12-18 series hydrocyclone separator to achieve the oncentration, refining, washing and recycling of starch milk.
1. Equipment for cleaning unit:
Belt conveyor, dry sieve for cassava cleaning machine, paddle washing machine
2, Equipment for starch extraction unit: (crushing, screening, sand removal, concentration and refinement)
Bucket elevator, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander cyclone, hydrocyclone separator system, etc.
3. Equipment for dehydration and drying unit:
Peeler centrifuge, air flow flash drying, starch sieving machine, automatic packing machine.
Auxiliary facilities
Automatic control system, transformers and distribution cabinets, water supply systems, corresponding warehouses and stacking sites, collection tanks, transfer tanks, etc.

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