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100 tons of wheat gluten starch processing line equipment through acceptance

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100 tons of wheat gluten starch processing line equipment through acceptance
Puyang first meet the design standard of a full set of domestic gluten wheat starch/production line equipment, processing 100 tons of flour production line in henan puyang comprehensively through the acceptance, various physical and chemical technical indicators, economic and technical indexes in order to achieve the international advanced level, the process design criteria, gluten yield hit a record high, were higher than that of the current domestic each big gluten wheat starch/production line yield!
The project was designed and manufactured by kaifeng sida agricultural products equipment co., LTD. Based on the advantages of Martin method and cyclone method, the improved Martin/cyclone hybrid process of continuous production process was adopted.The characteristic of this process is that the equipment investment is basically the same as the Martin method, while the water consumption, sanitary conditions and labor use are better than the Martin method.Equipment reliability, economic and technical indicators are better than the cyclone method, thus improving the competitiveness of products.Leading project process is advanced, the technical indicators, less labor, shop good health conditions, the production process basically has realized the mechanization of gluten wheat starch a full set of equipment, automated production, all production personnel only 45 people class three production (24 hours), the process performance is stable, equipment operation rate is high, at this point, all to the domestic wheat starch equipment well up to standard through inspection.Indicates the domestic food companies will gradually get rid of the long mainly introduce must pay higher cost to obtain foreign advanced technology and equipment, really solves the large foreign multinational companies technical monopoly on wheat processing technology for a long time, alleviate the current our country enterprise research and development facing greater pressure! 

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