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prepartion of using maize making glucose syrup processing

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1. Corn selection
Main equipment: vibrating screen, stone removing machine, bucket elevator, magnetic separator, low pressure fan, surge bin.
Hoisting: use a bucket elevator to hoist the corn to the next section.
Sieve: sieve corn by vibration principle to remove impurities
Storage: store the corn for the next section.
2. Remove corn germ
Main equipment: microbe crusher, microbe screening machine, low pressure fan, peeling polishing machine, microbe press, conveyor, cleaning machine
Remove corn germ: break corn, peel and remove germ.
Select germs and pack: select and pack germs from the above sections.
Conveying: conveying the broken corn to the next section with a conveyor.
3. Corn flour festival
Main equipment: crusher, roller mill, screening machine.
Crushed: corn is ground up.
Corn flour production: corn flour is ground into powder by a rolling mill and then sent to the next process.

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