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Dioscorea starch processing machine cost

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Dioscorea processing machine
The ground yam will be washed into the workshop by a high-pressure water gun through a gap, a grass hook and a stone remover. The skin, sand and dirt are then further removed by rotating the washing machine. The washed sweet potatoes will be transported by a bucket elevator to clean the sweet potato silos. The cutting machine cuts into small pieces, and then passes through a magnetic device, and then sends it to a knife grinder to crush it into a slurry. The slurry will be pumped into a centrifugal screen by a screw pump to remove fibers. A small fiber sieve is then used to remove a small amount of practical fibers. After that, the slurry will enter the refining and concentration stages. When removing sand, sand and impurities will be removed. After passing through the hydrocyclone, proteins and cellular fluids are removed. The starch slurry concentration will increase to 20-22 Baume. The refined starch slurry is sent to a vacuum filter for dehydration. The dehydrated starch cake will be mixed and then passed through the air separator into the drying tube system. The final starch product will be collected in a buffer tank and packaged and shipped to a warehouse.

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