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how to start a cassava processing company,automated cassava processing machine

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1. First of all, we need to solve the problem of raw materials, whether it is grown by ourselves or purchased,
2. The sweet potatoes planted as far as possible are starchy sweet potato seedlings
3. Plant infrastructure construction, our company improves plant design drawings for customers, etc.
4. Configuration of sweet potato potato cassava starch processing machine
Medium-sized factories and large-scale factories must choose a assembly line for crushing and separating separate equipment assembly, so that the equipment production link is smaller to reduce the failure rate, and the starch extraction rate is high. Different cleaning equipment can deal with the production troubles caused by the impurities that may be included in the soil quality. The crushing part is generally 3-5 tons to choose a level of crushing plus a level of crushing. Broken, one-level fine broken, which can better save power consumption, the separation of potato processing generally chooses round sieve separation unit and combined production, it is the best for potato processing such elutriation equipment, after separation The starch slurry needs to be de-sanded. After the sand is removed, the starch is finely filtered. After the fine filtration, the impurities in the starch are washed out by a cyclone. The discharged starch slurry is dehydrated by a dehydrator to dehydrate the starch liquid to 38% After 40% starch is automatically fed into the drying tower for drying, the dried starch can be packaged after sieving and cooling.
The above equipments take Kaifeng Sida equipment as an example. Generally, the processing capacity of a single set of equipment is 1t / h, 3-4t / h, 5-6t / h, 7-8t / h, 10t / h, 15t / h, etc. The equipment is used to process the volume of sweet potatoes per hour. These equipment can also be used in the processing of starch such as cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantain, pueraria root, and banana root.
5. Vermicelli processing equipment
The self-cooked type is divided into steam type and puffing machine. The steam type vermicelli machine is heated by water temperature and spirally propelled to achieve starch ripening and molding, which can well guarantee the quality of vermicelli vermicelli. The specifications of the finished product are determined by replacing different abrasive tools. , Can produce pure potato starch, corn, wheat, beans, cereals starch, this equipment is a product developed by Kaifeng Sida early, nowadays it is also a double helix, and it is also the product most used by domestic enterprises making Longkou fans . The extruder is commonly known as a self-cooked machine. Its working principle is that the spiral and the tube wall generate heat through high-speed rotating friction, and the back pressure is formed from the ripened starch. This type of equipment is generally suitable for the production of starch such as corn, wheat, and cereals. The heat generated in the process is relatively high, and it is not suitable for low-temperature cooked potato starch. The powder product produced by the Penghua mechanism has a relatively stiff taste, but the rice noodles are better equipment.

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