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Sweet potato, potato, cassava flour processing machine selection

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Opened cassava starch processing plant
Sweet potato, potato, cassava flour processing machine selection
Feasibility of preparing potato, sweet potato, cassava starch processing plants
For the deep processing technology of cassava, we take three powder processing as an example:
1. The starch part:
Stone removal-washing-loading-crushing-separation-sand removal-fine sieving-concentration-dehydration-drying-sieving
2. The mechanical production of vermicelli:
Stone removal-washing-loading-crushing-separation-sand removal-fine sieving-precipitation and powder extraction-stirring-cutting-forming-aging-freezing-loose powder drying Starch viscosity)
3. Anti-handmade vermicelli:
Stone removal-washing-loading-crushing-separation-sand removal-fine sieving-concentration-dehydration-drying-sieving-thickening-he noodles-secondary kneading-hammer powder-cooking-cooking-cooling-dishes Powder hanging rod-freezing-loose powder drying (firstly, it is best to dry starch for processing, after drying, especially high starch cassava is difficult to place a good bar, mainly after drying, the viscosity is poor)
Remarks: 1. The above equipments are equipped with the steps of the production process of Kaifeng Sida equipment:
2. The broad meaning of three powders refers to starch, vermicelli and vermicelli:
Nowadays, the domestic cassava starch and vermicelli noodle market is not empty, but the market is full of various types of flour products, but consumers rarely buy pure cassava vermicelli noodles and fans on the market, and even the younger generation does not know to eat it. Whether it is cassava flour in the mouth, most of the vermicelli and vermicelli flowing in the domestic market are blended and processed with raw materials such as cassava, cassava, corn, and wheat. Easy to paste soup, so the vermicelli market is ultimately driven by interests.
One, three links (water, road and electricity)
Identify the plant site for cassava starch production should have "three links", namely water, road and electricity.
Cassava processing requires a large amount of water, which requires good water quality, sufficient water volume, and uninterrupted water supply. The factory site should be located in a place with convenient transportation to meet the purchase of cassava raw materials and transportation of product sales, which is conducive to reducing labor intensity. There should also be a power source or other power facility.
Second, away from pollution sources, easy drainage
In addition, there should be no pig farms, chicken farms and other pollution sources around the factory building, and prepare a place for stacking fresh potato powder residue. The beating and sedimentation workshop should have a ceiling to avoid dust pollution. The entire processing plant is paved with cement ground and well drained.
Third, choose the right size venue
If it is a more traditional processing method and equipment for processing cassava starch, one soaking tank, elutriation tank, cleaning tank, and sedimentation tank must also be prepared (available cement tank or yellow barrel). The site of the factory site will be larger. The size of the starch sedimentation tank depends on the batch of fresh potato processing. It takes 24 hours from beating to decolorization and cleaning. The water capacity of the sedimentation tank can be designed according to the weight of 8 times the weight of fresh potatoes processed on the same day, that is, processing 10,000 kg of fresh cassava. A sedimentation tank with 80,000 kg of water is required.
If you are using automatic cassava starch equipment to produce cassava starch, the above various tanks can be used, which greatly saves the production site, and the processing volume is relatively large, the factory site does not have to be particularly large.
The above are some suggestions from the editor, I hope it will be useful to everyone.

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