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extract starch plant from wheat flour

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extract starch plant from wheat flour
Used to extract starch from wheat. In the past, the fermentation method was used, which was to soak and grind wheat with water, and then add acid fermentation, so that the cells surrounding the starch granules were dissolved and the starch was easily separated. But the gluten loss of this method is more, and the protein in starch is not easy to be exhausted, which affects the quality of starch. At present, it has been replaced by the Martin method.
Martin method It uses wheat flour as raw material, add 50 ~ 80% water to the blender, and knead the flour into dough at a speed of 40 rpm. The mixing time is about 30 minutes and it is left for 30 minutes to make the gluten swell and stick to each other, making the starch easy to separate. If you add an appropriate amount of table salt, you can improve the quality of gluten and promote its bonding. If there are many free acids in flour, you can add appropriate amount of calcium hydroxide to adjust its pH. After the dough is allowed to stand for a while, add 5 to 8 times the water to knead, and knead in 3 to 4 times. The washed emulsion is starch milk, which needs to be refined and purified. The rest is gluten, with a water content of 65-70%. After drying, the protein content is about 75-85%. .
The above extraction method of wheat starch belongs to segmented processing and cannot be operated continuously. It has been reported abroad that the continuous production method is basically the same, but it needs to be combined with continuous equipment for production.
Altethine method In recent years, there is also the Altethine method that produces starch from wheat. The production principle of this method is the same as the production process of corn starch.
Production method Soft wheat with water content of 14% and crude protein content of about 10%, soaked with 0.2% sulfur dioxide in water at 39 ℃ for 12 hours, the water absorption increased to 55%. Other methods of operation are the same as corn processing. The crude protein content in the finished starch is below 0.4%, and the recovery rate is up to 83%.

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