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Where to buy corn oil processing machines

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What size enterprise do you want to be, what is the output per day required by bai, if the raw material is jade and rice germ, the necessary equipment is: softening equipment (crusher, softening pot, embryo rolling machine and scraping between equipment) Plate connection), oil extraction equipment (steaming and frying pan, oil press), oil filtering equipment (air pump, filter, slag conveyor, oil storage tank), if your output is large, it is recommended to install extraction equipment (extractor , Dryer, evaporation system), if there is an extraction equipment, there must be packaging equipment (automatic packaging scale), and there must be an oil storage tank. It should be noted that the investment in leaching leaching equipment is relatively large, and it is also the most dangerous one. The main auxiliary material of this section is a solvent, a liquid that is easier to burn than gasoline. If the production line is 150 tons/day, this equipment will cost 1 million US dollars
1. The source of raw materials, do you buy it yourself or produce the germ yourself? Do you already have a production line if you produce it yourself
2. Are corn oil pressing lines and refining required? Still only need to squeeze. Do you need a filling line? 3. Processing several grades of oil and the requirements for oil quality
4. Whether there is a plant and what is the size of the plant
  5. Budget

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