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Start-up guide for cassava starch factory

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Start-up guide for cassava starch factory
Tapioca starch has played an important role in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and chemical industry. The wide application of tapioca starch corresponds to the strong demand. Therefore, starting a cassava starch factory to process cassava starch has great potential. So how to start a cassava starch factory?
The establishment of a cassava starch processing plant needs to consider:
Selection of cassava raw materials;
The production quality of tapioca starch;
Selection of tapioca equipment;
Certificate application.
Selection of raw materials for cassava. The choice of cassava raw materials is also very important. Choosing fresh and mature cassava raw materials can effectively increase the yield of cassava starch. Since fresh and mature cassava raw materials have a higher content of tapioca starch, the yield of tapioca starch can be guaranteed. Moreover, newly harvested cassava raw materials are prone to deterioration, so it should be processed into cassava starch in time.
Determining the quality of cassava starch production is a prerequisite for starting a cassava starch factory. Before the initial construction of a cassava starch processing plant, the quality and yield of cassava starch need to be determined. At the same time, the quality of tapioca starch processing is also related to the selection of tapioca starch production and processing equipment and raw materials.
Selection of tapioca equipment. The cassava starch production machine is the core of the cassava starch processing plant. The tapioca starch production equipment is directly related to the output, fineness, whiteness and taste of the finished tapioca starch. Therefore, the selection of tapioca starch processing equipment is particularly important. Cassava starch processing equipment should be selected after carefully considering its own needs, production, processing technology, equipment quality and configuration. A set of suitable tapioca starch production equipment can help you obtain higher economic benefits.
Site selection. The establishment of cassava starch factory must pay attention to the location of cassava starch processing factory. The location of the cassava starch processing plant should be three links, namely water, electricity and roads. To meet these three points, the cassava starch processing plant can run for a long time and can reduce a lot of cost output.
Certificate application. The establishment of a cassava starch processing plant requires various certificates, including business licenses, tax registration certificates, employee health certificates, food market permits and other certificates. You can consult your local government agency for information on the required certificates.
The above are the necessary steps to establish a cassava starch processing plant. Of course, in addition to the above, it is far from enough. If you need a professional manufacturer of tapioca starch production equipment to provide you with some suggestions, please contact us. The cassava starch production equipment launched by Starstar has attracted widespread market attention. After more than ten years of technological iteration and precipitation, Star has already possessed core technologies in the starch machinery processing industry. Many customers recognize Starch's starch processing equipment. Starstar will always devote itself to the innovation and design of starch processing equipment, and continue to bring you better and more stable starch processing equipment.

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